REALTOR® Membership:


REALTOR® Membership gives 

Real Estate professionals the tools needed to be successful in the

Industry. Some of the many benefits to membership include networking, monthly local legislation updates, and continuing education.




Secondary REALTOR®


Secondary REALTOR® Membership:


Secondary REALTOR®  Membership is for those who hold primary membership with another local REALTOR® Association, and whose business spans to this area.

You pay local dues (pro-ration applies) and application fee. Also, Designated REALTOR® in other areas who have brokers

in the Salem area can join as a Secondary board member so those brokers can hold a Primary membership in the

area they work.







Affiliate Membership:


REALTORS® are the first point-of-contact for most new homeowners, they are a great target market for any business. With over 1000 REALTOR® members, the Mid-Valley Association of REALTORS® is an excellent market platform for any organization trying to do business with professional REALTORS®, as well as local homeowners. Whether you are with a national firm or an independently owned company, MVAR is committed to giving our Sponsor/Affiliate members the most benefits possible for their investment. The marketing opportunities with MVAR are dynamic and abundant.


Thank you for your interest in MVAR. We look forward to serving you!



2020 Dues are $619.00. There is a $100 Application Fee. If you are a brand new licensee or have been an inactive REALTOR® for 12 months or more; dues will be pro-rated based on when you placed your license in your office.



Licensees who have never been a REALTOR® member OR  previous REALTOR® members who have been INACTIVE for 12 months or more.


Active REALTOR® members of another local association switching to MVAR

An office manager, Managing Principal Broker or Owner of an office who wish to list their office as a REALTOR® office.


Active REALTOR® members who hold a primary membership with another association and wish to be members of a secondary board.


Inactive REALTOR® members who previously held an active REALTOR® membership within the last 12 months.


REALTOR® Member Benefits

  1. REALTOR® branding: As a REALTOR®, you represent trust and professionalism. Over a 10-year membership, the value of the REALTOR® brand is $32,000 per REALTOR®. Use of the REALTOR® “R” and earned designations like CRS, GRI, and ABR set you apart from a mere licensee. (Only a REALTOR® can use NAR Designations in their marketing materials.)

  2. REALTORS® property resource™ RPR: RPR is a member benefit for REALTORS® Only. It is a national database of assessor, recorder, and mortgage data, MLS content, foreclosure information, demographics, neighborhood data, and more. Visit for more information.​

  3. REALTORS® Federal Credit Union: The Credit Union works closely with the National Association of REALTORS® to ensure that the unique needs of REALTORS® are being met. As a REALTORS® FCU member, you will have access to a diverse portfolio of products and services.​

  4. Continuing education opportunities: Each month, MVAR offers many discounted CE Classes covering a variety of subjects.