Allen Jones Lifetime Achievement Award

Allen Jones, REALTOR®, was the embodiment of fair and ethical dealings. He was born in Turner, Oregon, on July 19, 1911. After serving in WWII, including at the Battle of the Bulge, he returned home to Oregon and eventually began his Real Estate career in 1946, becoming active with the Association’s Board in 1947.

He served such roles as Treasurer, Vice President and then as our association president in 1959. He was awarded our REALTOR® of the Year honor in 1980. He also served on the Professional Standards Committee for multiple years and was actively involved in the Salem Home Builders Association as well as the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce.

He married for the first time later in his life and had one son who, after a long, hard, fight, lost the battle with cancer at the age of 11. Despite this, he was never bitter and lived every moment of life to the fullest, letting his Christian faith sustain him through life’s difficulties.

Allen Jones had a sense of humor and was known by all his contemporaries as a fair and ethical man. He was the one they would frequently go to when they needed someone to listen when they had a problem, even if he didn’t agree with them.

He was chosen by his peers to serve as the head of the Salem Multiple Listing Bureau in 1967 and retired as it’s manager June 30, 1983. He never gave up his certification/licensing as a Real Estate Agent while serving at SMLB and had plans to go back to his Real Estate career after retiring from the SMLB, however, he passed away 5 weeks later on August 10, 1983, at the age of 72.

He is buried at Belcrest Memorial Park and was survived by his second wife and two step-sons. His wife was buried beside him after she passed away in 2012. The Allen Jones Memorial Award shall be awarded to an individual who is recognized by all as a standard-bearer for fair dealings.

This prestigious award will be presented at the Annual MVAR Awards Banquet March 5, 2020 at the Salem Convention Center.

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