City of Salem: Planning Division Fee Increases

Updated: May 15

The City of Salem Planning Division is proposing substantial fee increases in the upcoming FY20-21. The City has two goals for the fee increases: to hire three new positions and become 100% funded through fees. The City needs over $1 million in additional revenue to support these two goals. The three new positions would include a Planning Manager, Sign Inspector and a Zoning Inspector at a total of $430,500 for the three positions. Currently, the City is at a rate of 69% for cost recovery through fees and an additional $590,385 is needed to reach 100% cost recovery.

The Mid-Valley Association of REALTORS®, the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce and the Marion County Homebuilders Association submitted a letter in opposition to the fee increases, stating that due to the economic downturn business are currently facing from the pandemic, the likelihood of less development as a result of the downturn, and the possibility of the additional funds being diverted to the City’s general fund if the three additional positions are not needed. Read the letter here.

Download the letter below:

Budget Committee testimony from HBA Cham